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LifeTimesYour guide to lifelong health - October 2013

Monthly Focus

Who Needs Flu Shots?

Flu season is an unwelcome fall visitor that overstays its visit well into spring. But ignoring flu season doesn’t make it go away any faster. How can you and your family stay safe and healthy?

Each year, between 5 and 20 percent of Americans get the flu. More than 200,000 people in the United States are hospitalized annually for flu-related complications.

Health & Wellness

Breast Cancer: Understanding Risk Factors

Breast cancer prevention has been in the news lately. Angelina Jolie’s controversial decision to have a double mastectomy due to her high risk factors for breast cancer got people thinking and talking about risk factors and what they mean. If you’re wondering how important risk factors are and what, if anything, you should you do about them, you’re not alone. Get the latest information about risk factors and take our instant poll to see what others are doing to protect themselves.

Be Smart. Be Well. Offers Help for the Sandwich Generation

According to the Pew Research Center, 1 out of every 8 Americans age 40 to 60 is raising a child and caring for a parent at home. If you’re one of those people, Be Smart. Be Well. offers tips to help.

Breast Cancer: Action is Power!

Breast cancer touches many of us in one way or another. A friend, a family member or a co-worker — we each seem to know someone who has faced this battle. Knowing the facts and risk factors is very important, but taking ACTION is what is truly powerful.

Explore our Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages to learn the key components for breast cancer prevention. Share with us how you are taking ACTION. And please share our tips with others to help us spread the word!

Your Benefits & Coverage

Help Protect Your Children, Even After They Leave Home

Did you know that you may be able keep your young adult children on your health insurance policy? Find out how to continue your dependent coverage.

BCBSIL Offers Help with Complex Health Problems

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois has special programs to help you manage complex health problems. Learn how we can help.

Who Makes Decisions About My Care?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois believes the best people to make choices about your care are you and your doctor. And we have tools and incentives to help make sure you’re getting the right care.

Getting Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Starting Jan. 1, 2014, your primary care provider (PCP) will coordinate all of your care if you are getting treatment for a substance use disorder, also known as substance abuse. Do you need help?

Resources & Tips

My Blue Community®: Get Advice Through
Our Social Network

Wondering if what you have is the common cold or the flu? Log in to Blue Access for MembersSM, go to My Blue Community and select “Ask an Expert” under Quick Links to learn about the symptoms of these and other illnesses.

The Affordable Care Act: Understanding Women’s
Preventive Services

The Affordable Care Act requires your health insurance plan to cover certain preventive services without any out-of-pocket cost to you. This includes many of the common preventive health services recommended for women.

Send an eCard for Health® on the Go

eCards for Health is now available for mobile devices. Now see and send eCards from your smart phones and tablets anywhere, anytime. The site offers engaging information you can share on a variety of health topics.

Your Life

On Track for Health and Wellness: The Happiness Project

Are some people just born happy? Are others born to doom and gloom? As scientists and psychologists explore new discoveries on what makes us happy, Clare puts some plans in place to keep her family on the happy track.

Members Share Tips for Making Healthier Choices

Let LifeTimes readers help you embrace a healthier lifestyle. Read about their best health improvement decisions. Learn from LifeTimes readers.

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