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LifeTimesYour guide to lifelong health - January 2013

Monthly Focus

A Ray of Insight: Choosing the Right Sunscreen

Your summer schedule may have you and your family out in the sun more. And while you know sunscreen is important, sunscreen products and recommendations for how to use them have changed. Learn how to choose the right product for you and apply it correctly.

Only sunscreen labeled “broad spectrum” protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. Both types of radiation can cause skin cancer and early aging.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Health & Wellness

Keeping It Social Helps Keep Seniors Sharp

Social isolation can lead to health and emotional problems for seniors. Spending time with friends and family, getting involved in volunteer work or social hobbies, and even keeping in touch online can all help reduce depression and ward off dementia. Get tips for how you can help the seniors in your life stay connected.

Quick Bites: Fresh Finds at the Farmers Market

Summer is the perfect time to visit your local farmers market. You can get the freshest, tastiest, healthiest produce at peak season. Get tips for how to make the most of shopping at farmers markets.

Be Smart. Be Well. Provides Tips for Avoiding Food Poisoning this Summer

Backyard barbecues, coolers packed for picnics, al fresco dining and hot summer days are all the fixings for a bad case of food poisoning if you’re not careful. Learn more about summertime food risks and get tips for staying safe this summer — and all year long.

Bug Bites, Sunburn, Food in the Sun, Oh My! Get Tips for Making Your Picnic a Healthy One

Brush off your picnic basket, park blanket and Frisbee and get outside during National Picnic Month! In July, connect to our Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages to find weekly quizzes, fun facts and tips on ways to prevent and treat bug bites and sunburn and cook safely while having fun in the sun. Feel free to ask us a question, make a comment or direct message us. We are always happy to help!

Your Life

BCBS Member Shares Her Path to Successful Weight Loss

After previous unsuccessful attempts, Teresa A. Barber found a way to turn her life around with a weight loss program and increased exercise. Both she and her husband are benefiting from the healthy lifestyle changes they’ve made. Learn what has made the difference.

On Track for Health and Wellness: Making Time for Family Meals

These days, parents and kids alike have busy schedules, and it can be hard to round everyone up for regular family meals. But making the effort is worth it because you and your kids will likely be mentally and physically healthier. Get some tips for making the most out of family meal times.
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