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LifeTimesYour guide to lifelong health - May 2013

Monthly Focus

Blinded Veteran
Sets Sights on Encouraging Others

When Brad Snyder lost his sight, he lost the ability to do many of the things that were most important to him. So he made new goals for himself and now sets an inspiring example for the thousands of veterans and others who have lost their sight. Read Brad’s story and learn more about vision loss.

About 70 percent of all sensory perception is through vision. In a single glance lasting a fraction of a second, our eyes work with our brains to tell us the size, shape, color and texture of an object. They let us know how close it is, whether it’s standing still or coming toward us, and how quickly it’s moving.

Health & Wellness

Get Those Joints a Jumpin’ for Arthritis Relief and Prevention

Millions of Americans have osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis. This painful condition can’t be cured, but it can be managed and possibly prevented with the right kind of exercise and lifestyle choices. How can you relieve your osteoarthritis symptoms?

Quick Bites: What to Pack in When You’re
Sweating It Out

Your body, like your car, needs the right fuel to work properly. And the fuel you need for working out is different than what you may need at other times. Find out the best types of foods for fueling your workout and the right amount to have before and after you exercise.

Be Smart. Be Well. Explores the Science of Addiction bsbw

Addiction is a powerful force that can ruin lives. And family members often can’t understand why an addict continues to use drugs or alcohol despite the terrible consequences. In a series of new videos on Be Smart. Be Well., leading experts explain how addiction affects the brain and talk about why it is so hard for addicts to stop.

Resources & Tips

Understanding the Affordable Care Act: the Individual Mandate

One of the changes on the way from the Affordable Care Act is called the individual mandate. By Jan. 1, 2014, most Americans will be required to have health insurance. Find out what the individual mandate may mean for you.

Stay Strong, Live Long — May’s Fit Tips Are Here!

Exercising isn’t just about looking good — working out has serious health benefits. In May, connect to our Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for weekly fit tips. Rejuvenate your exercise routine and learn how you can keep your body healthy and strong. Our pages also offer health and wellness information, videos and resources. Have a health question, fitness comment or just want to learn something new? Start engaging with us online!

Community Corner

BCBSTX and ACTIVE Life Launch Healthy Texas Week

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas and ACTIVE Life launched Healthy Texas Week in April to encourage Texans to exercise more and eat and live better. More than 250,000 Texans participated in the event in its first year.

Your Life

A Cancer Diagnosis Led a BCBS Member to Her Path to Wellness

Valeria Alarcon committed herself to figuring out how to heal her thyroid cancer. She wound up learning to heal her whole self. Now she’s committed to helping others reclaim their health and wellness. Find out what she learned on her journey.

On Track for Health and Wellness: Partnering Up for a Down and Dirty Workout Plan

This month Clare kicks her workout into high gear to get ready for a mud run obstacle course race in June. Her race-training workout is also great for anyone who wants to improve strength, agility and endurance. Watch our video and workout with Clare.
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