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LifeTimesYour guide to lifelong health - February 2013

Monthly Focus

Heart to Heart

Take Your Risk for Heart Disease Seriously

February is American Heart Month. It’s a good time to learn about your risk factors for heart disease. Find out what your risks are and what you can do to lower them.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. One in every three deaths is from heart disease and stroke — that's 2,200 deaths per day.
— Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012

Health & Wellness

A Dental Guide for Parents: What You Need to Know About Kids’ Oral Health

You know your kids should brush their teeth, but what other steps should you take to keep them on track for good dental health? Check out these tips to help you through everything from first checkups to braces.

Quick Bites: Healthy Smoothies Let You Drink Your Fruits and Veggies

Having trouble getting enough fruits and vegetables? Smoothies may help you and your family fit more servings into a busy day. Try these recipes for quick, healthy smoothies.

Resources & Tips

Be Smart. Be Well. Examines the Link Between Childhood Obesity and Risk for Heart Diseasebsbw

Adults aren’t the only ones who should be thinking heart smart in February. Research shows that overweight kids are more likely to develop heart disease as adults. Many overweight children already have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which puts them at risk for heart disease now. Get advice on how to manage these risks.

Put Your Heart into It

From our hearts to yours — turn awareness into action this month. With your help, we can remind women and men to put their hearts into their heart health! In February, you'll find weekly quizzes, fun facts and tips on ways to prevent heart disease and take care of your heart. Connect to our Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Feel free to ask us a question, make a comment or direct message us. We are always happy to help!

Your Life

Frustration over Diabetic Diet Turned into a Zest for Creative Cooking

Rosemarie D’Ginto found that helping her husband manage his food intake to control his diabetes was a family affair, and now everyone is eating — and enjoying — healthier food. Discover Rosemarie's tips for using fresh foods and spices to liven up meals.

On Track for Health and Wellness: It’s Not Easy Adding Greens, or Is It?

If you have trouble getting in enough daily servings of fruits and vegetables, you’re not alone. As part of her year-long journey to better health, BCBS member Clare is learning new ways to get more fruits and veggies in her diet. Learn why they are such an important part of your diet and how you can fit eating more of them into a busy schedule.
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